Allow me to introduce myself..

Howard Wing, self confessed fishing addict!

I am a full time professional singer working all over planet earth, and love nothing more than getting my smelly kit on and heading down to the many lakes and rivers in the North West of England..

That’s me on stage at the Shirley Bassey and friends show!!

My fishing has taken me all over the world, as far as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Here i am aboard the Whit Sunday cruiser with a fish i have no clue what to call?

Let call it spiky for arguments sake..

I am mad passionate about all sorts of fishing, fly fishing, sea fishing, coarse, just about any type, i’ve tried everything..

However, match fishing has been a big part of my fishing career, which means that i am no stranger to the pole..

Anyway folks please join the blog and keep up to date with my fishing adventures, there’s gonna be good stuff coming up that you don’t want to miss..

Please mail me with any questions at howard.wing@yahoo.co.uk