Calling all Fisheries

Fishery owners!  The fishing junkie needs you!

If you own or run a fishery in the UK and want your venue to be featured on the site and on Fishing Junkie TV (free of charge) please contact me and i will bring my trusty fishing pals along and review your venue.

Help your venue to get web famous..

Your venue will be listed right here on and also be included on our youtube channel Fishingjunkie1

The number of visitors to the site is increasing everyday which means that your venue will be seen by more anglers all over the uk, which means google rankings rise and hopefully more bums on your pegs.

The video we produce will be a real “fly on the wall” account of your fishery. We don’t hire fancy film crews, just my HD camera and little editing is all i need to make you a great video.

Get on board of join the Fishing Junkie!!

Please mail me at or simply call 07855420806 and we can arrange everything needed to give your venue a great review.

Cheers FJ