Carp on the pole at Crane Hall Fisheries

Following on from the comment that our friend Matt Hayes left last week, i thought it would be better to let you see how i tackle those carp on the pole. So off i went with my interesting fishing buddy, Mr Welsh, to the fantastic Crane Hall Fisheries in Out Rawcliffe. The perfect venue to demonstrate how to land carp on light gear while fishing for the smaller the species.

Check out these photos and video of the whole fishy affair…Enjoy

The facilities at Crane Hall are superb, they have a great log cabin with wood burning stove, where you can get yourself a cooked breakfast or a quick snack before you head out to the 3 lakes they have on offer.. The lakes at Crane Hall cater for every type of angler, from specimen to match man or the round pleasure anger..

You may even get the owner to make you a cup of his finest canal water! Cheers Harry..

Steve ready for action..

Plenty of these little belters in here..

This was the best fish of the day, taken on the pole from the margins. Get in!!

Here’s the video, watch out for Steve acting chicken? Enjoy! (don’t forget to comment)

Thanks for tuning in..Check out these Massive Rudd.

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