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How to Catch Carp from the Margins

Definitely my favorite way to catch Carp! There’s nothing like seeing a big swirl round your feet, then watching your float slowly sail away!

It’s awesome and something you should do everytime you go fishing.

The last hour of light is usually the best time to catch Carp, or any species of fish, right at your feet.

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Carp on the pole at Crane Hall Fisheries

Following on from the comment that our friend Matt Hayes left last week, i thought it would be better to let you see how i tackle those carp on the pole. So off i went with my interesting fishing buddy, Mr Welsh, to the fantastic Crane Hall Fisheries in Out Rawcliffe. The perfect venue to demonstrate how to land carp on light gear while fishing for the smaller the species.

Check out these photos and video of the whole fishy affair…Enjoy

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Early Evening Session at Woodfold Farm Fisheries

Awesome session at the legendary Woodfold Farm Fisheries with my fishing side kick, Steve.. Fishing off the island directly across from Steve, i baited up great margin swim just under a big over hanging tree.. Now, i know i am usually a pole man, however, there is no way on earth you will stop these Woodfold Carp with a pole! They have awesome power and need to be treated with respect. In this vid i show you how i did it.. Continue reading Early Evening Session at Woodfold Farm Fisheries

Best Kept Secret

The fishing at my secret spot in the Trough of Bowland is some of the best in country. This venue had never held any matches and only has a handful of members, two of them being me and my fishy partner in crime Mr Welsh.

A stunning venue that’s been here for many years. It holds every type of coarse fish you can mention, with some monster carp!

Here we have a typical days fishing in pictures.

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