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Winter Roach Fishing at Manor House Farm

Here I am at Manor House Farm fisheries in Nateby on a cold February day..

Me and pal Steve Welsh set our stall out to catch the Roach and Bream using chop worm and caster.

We decided to use the pole for better presentation with light lines of 2lb and small hooks (18-20).

There are plenty of fish at Manor House Farm and it was no stop from start to finish.

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When the Carp don’t play, Bag up on Bream!

Here’s a question

When the carp don’t bite, what do you do?

Most divvy boys, or arm chair anglers will just sit there and read the paper.

It’s a crying shame! Especially when there can be some fantastic sport had on the other species that frequent your fave fishy spots..

So that’s exactly what I did on my favourite North West syndicate water.. Continue reading When the Carp don’t play, Bag up on Bream!

A Ruddy Good Time at Tewitfield Fisheries

The 5th of July 2011 was a momentous day!! For that was the day that i caught the largest Rudd i have ever seen! Tipping the scales at 2lb 2oz this beauty took a double red maggot hook bait fished 1 foot deep..

And boy do these fish fight hard..Using my trusty Shimano Exage Travel Rod and reel, this hardy Rudd gave me a good old run around, but finally slipped over the net to an ecstatic Mr Wing! Continue reading A Ruddy Good Time at Tewitfield Fisheries

Secret Lake Chucks up a Corker!!

Wowzers! It’s not often you get to see, let alone, catch a fish like this beauty..

Tipping the scales at just under 10lb this stunning Koi was taken from a very secret estate lake somewhere in the North West.. In fact the lake is in the back garden of a personal friend, and you can imagine my joy when she asked me and my 2 fishing chums to come along and wet a few lines.. Continue reading Secret Lake Chucks up a Corker!!

Tench Time

Without doubt one of my all time favourite fishies, although this is disappointingly the only Tench of the season so far! Where have all the green beauties gone? The water where i am fishing in this photo is stuffed full of them, however they are few and far between. Weird, its like they are in hiding! Anyway i have been having some great days here, carp to 15lb, roach to 2lb and plenty of skimmers and bream. If you have any magic Tench tips please pass em on.

Cheers FJ

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