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How to Catch Carp from the Margins

Definitely my favorite way to catch Carp! There’s nothing like seeing a big swirl round your feet, then watching your float slowly sail away!

It’s awesome and something you should do everytime you go fishing.

The last hour of light is usually the best time to catch Carp, or any species of fish, right at your feet.

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Matt Hayes pays a visit… Big Carp on the Pole, Easy Peasy!

Couldn’t believe it when i was looking through my blog posts and came across a comment from non other than one of my fishing heroes, “Matt Hayes“! Check out the comment here Basically Matt was asking me how to handle big carp on the pole. Sods law that when fishing for Roach and Bream that you will, at some time, hook a whopper..

Here was my response to his question: Continue reading Matt Hayes pays a visit… Big Carp on the Pole, Easy Peasy!

When the Carp don’t play, Bag up on Bream!

Here’s a question

When the carp don’t bite, what do you do?

Most divvy boys, or arm chair anglers will just sit there and read the paper.

It’s a crying shame! Especially when there can be some fantastic sport had on the other species that frequent your fave fishy spots..

So that’s exactly what I did on my favourite North West syndicate water.. Continue reading When the Carp don’t play, Bag up on Bream!

Manor House Madness

Todays jaunt had me at non other than the infamous Manor House Farm fisheries at Pilling near Preston. A great fishery consisting of 4 well stocked lakes containing virtually every species of course fish. I sat at the far end of lake 1 and set up my trusty Maver Pole, which i decided was my only form of fishing for today. 3 swims, 1 infront for the skimmers and roach and 2 margin swims on either side.

Plumed up, potted in pellets, corn and caster and laid my rig over, simple’s. A fish a chuck! After catching non stop roach and skimmers for the first hour i decided to come on the inside line.

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