Early Evening Session at Woodfold Farm Fisheries

Awesome session at the legendary Woodfold Farm Fisheries with my fishing side kick, Steve.. Fishing off the island directly across from Steve, i baited up great margin swim just under a big over hanging tree.. Now, i know i am usually a pole man, however, there is no way on earth you will stop these Woodfold Carp with a pole! They have awesome power and need to be treated with respect. In this vid i show you how i did it.. So i set my Shimano Purist Barbel rod with 6lb line straight through to a size 12 barbless Guru hook..And also my Preston’s Carbon Active rod set the same as the purist..One rod at either side of my fab Korum Chair..Ready for action!! Check out the vid for a pictorial diary of the events..Enjoy FJ

Todays top tip:

Don’t give up and go home if the light goes, strap on a sexy head torch and give it an extra hour. Sometimes those big fish will only come round when the sun is gone..

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