How to Catch Carp from the Margins

Definitely my favorite way to catch Carp! There’s nothing like seeing a big swirl round your feet, then watching your float slowly sail away!

It’s awesome and something you should do everytime you go fishing.

The last hour of light is usually the best time to catch Carp, or any species of fish, right at your feet.

Why the last hour?

Well, fish are not stupid, they know that at the end of day all the anglers will finish up and throw all their left over bait over the edge of their peg and into the shallow margin water.

It’s almost like they are waiting and queuing up to chow down on your left overs.

I’ve seen a lot of anglers fishing 10 to 15 metres out into open water and completely ignoring the margins, then pack up and go home to tell the wife that the fish weren’t biting.

Little did they know that some quality fish had been passing by them all day long.

This is why i recommend always having a sleeper rod set up right at your feet, literally 6 inch to a foot from your peg! In the summer fish are crawling up the bank to get your spiltĀ  maggots, corn etc..

The short video below is of me making the most of the last hour at my favorite local water, Woodfold Farm.

I am using my trusty Shimano Purist with 5lb Maxima, straight through to a size 12 hook. With a small pole float to spot the bites and a couple of pieces of corn, it was hold your breath time and wait for the swirls..

Hope you enjoy the video, please comment with any questions

Cheers FJ

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