Manor House Madness

Todays jaunt had me at non other than the infamous Manor House Farm fisheries at Pilling near Preston. A great fishery consisting of 4 well stocked lakes containing virtually every species of course fish. I sat at the far end of lake 1 and set up my trusty Maver Pole, which i decided was my only form of fishing for today. 3 swims, 1 infront for the skimmers and roach and 2 margin swims on either side.

Plumed up, potted in pellets, corn and caster and laid my rig over, simple’s. A fish a chuck! After catching non stop roach and skimmers for the first hour i decided to come on the inside line.

First put in and bang! Carp no1. Quickly followed by 2 more!

Then back on the front line for a spot of up in water roaching. They were taking the soft pellet and casters as quickly as i could keep feeding. The roach and skimmers kept comin for the next couple of hours, then my pal Mr Welsh decided to turn up for a chat and with him a loaf of bread.

It wasn’t long till he nicked my pole, baited up a hook and line with a massive piece of bread and was into a handful of hungry surface carp.

This was the biggest of the day, a handsome 9 pounder off the top.

That wrapped up a great day at Manor House Farm, some quality skimmers and roach and finishing on a great run of carp off the surface.

Top tip of the day. If you don’t happen to have a friendly pal who brings you a nice loaf of bread, always be sure to pack a slice or two of Warburtons finest, you never know if those carp are gonna have suck or not.

Looking forward to the next time i’ve got my pole in my hand! u er!

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