Matt Hayes pays a visit… Big Carp on the Pole, Easy Peasy!

Couldn’t believe it when i was looking through my blog posts and came across a comment from non other than one of my fishing heroes, “Matt Hayes“! Check out the comment here Basically Matt was asking me how to handle big carp on the pole. Sods law that when fishing for Roach and Bream that you will, at some time, hook a whopper..

Here was my response to his question:


Hi Matt, thanks for your comment.

In answer to your comment, big carp in the pole when fishing for bream and roach, is, firstly, in the warmer months, I wouldn’t scale down too much, I usually fish straight through with 4-5lb line to a size 16 hook and 12s elastic( set fairly soft so you dont bump the smaller off.

This will give you a better chance of landing those lumps. Make sure that you have spare sections of pole to hand so you can quickly add to your pole and follow the first run, then, try and steer the hooked fish into open water and away from any snags.

A trick I sometimes use, is to lay the pole on the water, this means that the fish is pulling the elastic and the weight of the pole on the water, which will tire the fish out faster.

If you can beat the first 2 runs you should be home and dry, then start shipping the pole back slowly, guide the fish back to your swim and get ready with the net, try and stay above the fish at all times.

When it’s heads up, scoop the baby into the net, YES! you’ve just landed a cracker on the pole!! Exciting stuff!

Whenever I’m fishing the pole in open water I always have a rod set up to fish the margins, fairly beefed up, 6lb line to a size 12 is good, you’ll find it hard to land a monster on the pole fishing the margins, especially if there are snags, i.e hanging branches etc..

Please let me know if that’s useful info for you, once again thanks for comment.. Check back for more blog posts.. Cheers, Howard, aka “Fishing Junkie”

Well what do you think people? Useful stuff? Please add to this if you have any tips of your own.. I will demonstrating exactly what i said in a video coming soon, please check back or sign up to the blog in the right hand corner to get updates..

Check out this post with some big fish caught on the pole.

Thanks for reading


p.s all the carp in these photos were taken on the pole.

Ahh, what a little cutie..

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