When the Carp don’t play, Bag up on Bream!

Here’s a question

When the carp don’t bite, what do you do?

Most divvy boys, or arm chair anglers will just sit there and read the paper.

It’s a crying shame! Especially when there can be some fantastic sport had on the other species that frequent your fave fishy spots..

So that’s exactly what I did on my favourite North West syndicate water..

A couple of the locals anglers informed me that due to the heavy rain the night before, they didn’t think the carp would be biting.

That was enough for me to whip out my trusty Maver pole and get chopping the worm, ready for a day on the Bream and Roach.

I love this style of fishing!

Set up on my box, two large pots of chop worm, casters and corn at 7 metres, then wait for those nobly headed beauties.

It wasn’t long till they turned up, literally 5 minutes from the first put in, I was slipping the net under a pristine 3lb slab..

The roach turned up too, with plenty of chunky red fins to add to the net.

A cracking days fishing and not a big fat carp in sight.

Todays Top Tip

Don’t just sit there and wait for carp, you could be missing out on some awesome roach, or bream fishing..

A spare float rod and some maggots are always handy to have, it’s the perfect solution to those days when the carp are not avin it..

Here are a few pics of the session.









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